Hardware Information

Each touch panel is comprised of two main components, a touchscreen and a computer.

The computer fits inside the touch panel, as demonstrated by the photos below. The computer uses a Windows 7 operating system.

Engrain sets tasks to power the computer off in the evening and on in the morning. The time each panel powers on and off aligns with leasing office hours.

Engrain also sets the computer to immediately launch software when it powers on, to limit the amount of effort needed from the on site team to keep the software running seamlessly.

If you would like the times your touchscreen powers on or off modified please submit a request indicating the updated times you would like via a support request .

In these images you see the computer module by itself (A), how to position this module to insert it inside the touchscreen monitor (B), and finally what it looks like once inserted (C).


  • Do not attempt to move the unit unless specifically instructed to do so by Engrain.
  • Do not use “spray” cleaners of any kind near the unit.
  • Do not set anything on the unit.
  • Do not lean or put any weight on the unit.
  • Do not unplug the unit without shutting down.


Keep the glass clean by using the monitor wipes that were shipped with the touch panel. If you are unable to locate the monitor wipes provided, only use wipes specifically made for electronics. DO NOT spray with cleaning solution.

If for any reason TouchTour software is not running you will see the “desktop view.” This view has a few features and shortcuts.

The URL in the top right corner of the screen directs users to support-engrain.com.

The first shortcut present is the TouchTour software shortcut. Touching this shortcut twice will launch your TouchTour software.

The second shortcut present is the get latest shortcut. Engrain uses this when logging in remotely to make software updates.

The third shortcut present is the check internet shortcut. If your software does not launch, or is missing content you may double touch this shortcut to launch an internet test page. If the page does not load, this indicates you need to work with your network provider to ensure the panel has an active internet signal.

Each TouchTour is shipped with a wireless keyboard with track pad. This equipment allows the leasing consultant to make TouchTour accessible to users who are not able to touch the panel by engaging ADA mode. When the panel is in this mode a user is able to operate the TouchTour using the track pad on the wireless keyboard.

In order to turn on this feature a leasing consultant would touch the ADA symbol located at the bottom right of the screen. When this symbol is touched a message will appear on the screen letting the team member know that accessibility mode is now on.

To turn accessibility mode off the leasing consultant would simply touch the ADA symbol again. A notification will display letting them know ADA mode has been turned off.

Hardware Warranty on Equipment Purchased Through Engrain

Engrain defaults to the manufacturer’s warranty on all hardware, but provides a supplemental hardware support program up to 24 months from date of hardware delivery. This hardware support program includes assistance in working with the manufacturer to process defective equipment claims, and in some cases providing replacement equipment via Engrain’s Hardware Loan Program when manufacturer timeframe for replacement is not satisfactory to Client. During this 24 month period, Engrain support staff will work with Client to investigate, troubleshoot and resolve any hardware malfunction as quickly as possible. While Engrain support representatives will do everything in their power to expedite manufacturer claims, Engrain may not be held responsible for ​shipping, ​repair or replacement delays on behalf of the manufacturer. The manufacturer warranty is three years from hardware ​purchase​ date.

Extended Warranty

Engrain offers an extended two year manufacturer warranty that may be purchased up to 24 months from hardware ​purchase date. The cost of this extended warranty program is $1,500. This program covers replacement parts, repair labor, freight fees, equipment replacement, and costs associated with installation of replacement equipment. This program is available in the continental US and Canada only.

Engrain Hardware Loan Program

In cases where manufacturer timeframe for hardware repair or replacement is not satisfactory to Client, Engrain may provide temporary replacement equipment to the Client via Engrain’s Hardware Loan Program. ​​If Client requests temporary loan equipment​ Engrain will coordinate shipping and installing temporary equipment at Client site. Engrain will also coordinate removal of equipment once repaired equipment is back on site as well as installation of repaired equipment. Client will be responsible for freight and installation fees associated with installing temporary equipment, but there is no charge for the temporary equipment itself. The standard loan term for this program is 30 days. Equipment provided will be as close to client’s original configuration as possible, but may not be exact. To request participation in this program please reach out to Engrain Support.

Our logistics team members are available to answer your hardware and installation inquiries. Please call them at 877-313-3743 extension 3 or submit your inquiry via the form below.

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