TouchTour is an immersive virtual experience that allows prospective residents to explore your property and the surrounding area from the comfort of your sales and leasing office.

Designed to engage and displayed on large high-resolution wall-mounted or table top units, TouchTour invites visitors to step closer and use taps, swipes and other multi-touch gestures that create a powerful and memorable kinesthetic interaction.

TouchTour panels are self-contained, high-definition displays with an onboard computer processor. Easy installation and one-touch software updates make it simple to bring them online and keep them running smoothly.

How your team of leasing professionals can utilize TouchTour:

  • During peak times, prospective tenants waiting for assistance can be directed to the TouchTour to create their own virtual tour experience.
  • Ask probing questions and guide the virtual tour based on prospective tenants specific interests.
  • Approach a prospective tenant who has already been engaged with the TouchTour, to ask additional questions and explain options.