TouchTour Troubleshooting Guide

Please select the option below that best describes your issue:

+ TouchTour unit is not powering on
+ TouchTour software will not load
+ Touch recognition problem
+ TouchTour content is incorrect

TouchTour unit is not powering on

Solution 1: Unplug the touch panel from all power sources.
It is possible the touch panel just needs a reset. Please unplug the touch panel from the power source, wait 45 seconds and plug it back in. Once this is complete, hold down the power button for 45 seconds. The unit should power up as normal.

Solution 2: Check to ensure the computer is inserted firmly inside your touch panel.
It’s possible that the computer inside the touch panel has become loose and is therefore not sending signal to your touch panel’s screen. When facing the touch panel, the computer is located on the left hand side. It is inserted in the back center of the panel and has a small looped handle on it. While the unit is unplugged from the power source, pull the computer out. Then firmly re-insert the computer to ensure it is fully inserted and seated inside the touch panel. Once this is done, plug the power source back in to the panel and hold the power button down for 45 seconds.

TouchTour software will not load

Solution 1: Check the internet connection to the touch panel.
The software requires a consistent internet signal to launch. If the internet signal is lost during launch the software will appear to freeze during the loading process and you will see a black screen with a TouchTour logo.

Testing internet connectivity.
In order to test your internet signal, escape from the software launch screen (by pressing escape on your wireless keyboard) and fully close out of the software. Doing this will direct you to the computer’s desktop. From here double tap the “Test Internet” shortcut.

Solution 2: Please reach out to your IT department or internet provider to troubleshoot this internet issue. Before doing so, please ensure the ethernet cable is securely plugged into the wall and the computer inside the touch panel. If the ethernet cable is loose it may cause issue with internet connection. Once internet is restored the software will be fully functional.

Touch recognition problem

Solution: The panel may need a reboot.
It is possible the touch panel just needs a reset. Manually power the unit off and wait 45 seconds before powering back on. Once the panel reboots touch should be restored.

TouchTour content is incorrect

Solution: Refresh Content.
Any time you make a change in the content management system, it is not reflected until the software relaunches. In most cases this happens when the panel wakes the following morning. If you would like to force a content update you may do so by exiting and relaunching the software.

You may exit the software by placing two fingers on the property logo on the home/launch screen and twisting clockwise (while keeping fingers touching screen). This will minimize the software window and enable you to close. Doing this will direct you to the computer’s desktop. From here locate the TouchTour software icon and double tap the icon. This will relaunch your software, once the software launch is complete your updates will be reflected.