TouchTour Software Functionality

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+ Software: Welcome to TouchTour
+ Software: ADA & Help
+ Software: Digital Signage
+ Software: Plans
+ Software: Site Map
+ Software: Amenities
+ Software: Gallery
+ Software: Neighborhood
+ Software: My Tour

Software: Welcome to TouchTour

By detailing available units, floor plan options and community and neighborhood amenities, a TouchTour virtual tour helps a prospect visualize a life at your property.

From the Home screen a user is able to navigate to various sections of the TouchTour application with a single touch.

Depending on the prospect’s main interest, a leasing professional may decide to open a specific section of the TouchTour application using any of the main navigation buttons.

To return to the Home screen from any section of the TouchTour, a user may simply touch the property logo.

Software: ADA & Help

When the panel is in this mode a user is able to operate the TouchTour using the track pad located on the right side of the all in one keyboard.

In order to turn on this feature a leasing professional would touch the ADA symbol located in the bottom right corner of the touch screen. When this symbol is touched a message will appear on the screen letting the team member know that accessibility mode is now on.

To turn accessibility mode off a leasing professional would simply touch the ADA symbol again.

If a user needs direction on how to use the screen they may tap the question mark (help icon) in the lower right hand corner of the screen.

This will open an instructional window that provides information on what touch gestures are available.

Software: Digital Signage

When the TouchTour software is not in use it may be used as digital signage, cycling through marketing images and messaging. If you would like to change or update any of the messaging present in Digital Signage mode, please submit your request via

Software: Plans

In this section a user is able to view and interact with floor plans and real-time availability.

A user may enlarge floor plan images via a double touch or pinch and zoom gesture.

When viewing a floor plan a user may touch “availability” to open an availability tray that lists available units for the selected floor plan type.

A user may then touch any of the available units listed to view specific details of that unit.

A user may engage any of the search criteria filters in this section to filter the data they would like displayed. The floor plan results will adjust to meet the selected criteria.

Software: Site Map

Another way users can view available units in the apartments section is via the site map. When a user touches “Site Map” from the floor plans page they are redirected to a site map sub section within the apartments section.

In this sub section of software users may view available units by their location in the building.

When viewing the site map a user is able to touch to select any highlighted unit. Doing so will open a full screen detail view for the selected unit.

Note: Only units that are available and that match the selected search criteria will be available for selection.

Software: Amenities

This section displays a list of community and apartment amenities.

In this section a user may select the amenity category they would like to view and the amenity content will change to reflect the selected/engaged category.

Software: Gallery

In this section a user is able to explore and engage with images related to the property.

In this section a user may select the gallery they would like to view and the gallery content will change to reflect the selected/engaged gallery.

Software: Neighborhood

In this section a user is able to view a map of the property’s location and explore points of interest within close proximity to the property.

A user may touch one of the point of interest categories to display points of interest within the selected category. A user may scroll through the list of points of interest within each category by dragging their fingers up and down the list.

When a point of interest category is selected, icons marking locations of the points of interest within this category display on the map. A user may touch any of these icons to open an information box that contains details about that specific point of interest.

From the point of interest information box the user has the option to touch “Send to Device” to send the point of interest details to a mobile device (delivered via text message).

A user may adjust the zoom on the neighborhood map by sliding their fingers along the zoom bar, or by touching the plus or minus symbols on either end of the zoom bar.

The default view for the map is road map view. A user may select “satellite” or “earth” view based on their preference by touching these options located directly underneath the zoom bar.

Software: My Tour

When a user touches “My Tour” they are prompted to input their email address. Once an email address has been added, the user is able to save gallery images and floor plans to their user profile.

When the user is finished with their TouchTour session, these preferences are sent to them via email. This information is also recorded in the CMS for the leasing team to use for follow up.