Show My Location (Blue Dot) FAQ

SightMap’s Show My Location functionality – also known as the blue dot – is a valuable tool to provide location awareness to any visitor to your property. However, sometimes you’ll notice your blue dot disappear, jump around the property, or even seem to show the wrong location.

Don’t worry, your map isn’t broken.

This happens in every application that uses some form of “georeferencing.” The reason it seems more noticeable when the blue dot seems to be misbehaving on your property map is because you’re attempting to locate a single spot on a physical property rather than attempting to locate an addressable building.

Here are the most frequently asked questions about a misbehaving blue dot:

Why is my blue dot in the wrong place?

There are three factors that can affect location accuracy :

    • Device GPS: The density of structures around you interferes with your device’s ability to accurately pinpoint you. This means if you’re inside a building or downtown, your blue dot is more prone to wandering.
    • Nearby WiFi networks: Third-party companies keep databases of WiFi networks associated with physical addresses. Sometimes this information is out of date; for example, the owner of a WiFi network associated with their old Houston address might have moved to downtown Denver, confusing your device.
    • Device service provider: If GPS information and nearby WiFi networks aren’t available, your device will attempt to triangulate you position based on nearby cell towers. This is very imprecise, especially when there are fewer than three towers nearby.

What do I do if my blue dot moved off of the property and disappeared?

This is a known issue our engineers are working on.  It’s likely due to the location issues listed in the previous section. 

At this time, there’s no way to pull a blue dot that has wandered off the property back onto the screen. We recommend refreshing the page.

Why isn’t my blue dot showing up on the map?

Here are some possible reasons this might happen

    • You’re not on the property. SightMap’s Show My Location functionality only works on the property. If you’re not there, the blue dot won’t show up. 
    • Your device thinks you’re not on the property. GPS data is limited by the factors we discussed in the previous section.
    • Your privacy settings are blocking your browser’s location functionality. Since SightMap’s mobile experience is provided through your browser, there are two places to review your privacy settings: your device’s privacy settings and your browser’s privacy settings.

To review your device’s privacy settings for your browser:

To review site-specific permissions for SightMap in your browser

For Chrome:


For Safari:

  1. While viewing the site, tap the Page Settings button.
  2. Tap Website Settings.
  3. Tap Location and change to Allow.


For Firefox: