Running a Power Cycle on a Touch Screen

Running a power cycle/hard reset using the steps below, can be used to troubleshoot touch screens that aren’t functioning as expected.


1. Ensure equipment is powered off – touch screen and computer

2. Partially remove the computer module from the carriage located on the back of the touch screen by pulling the looped handle to slide the out computer (partially).

–  If needed, loosen the two small thumb screws holding the computer in place by turning them with your fingers. See image below for placement of thumb screws. 

–  Check out this quick video demo for assistance:

3. Remove the power cord from the touch screen. See image below for placement of power cord.

4. Wait 45 seconds. Once 45 seconds have passed, slide the computer module back in and ensure it is firmly in place.

5. Re-insert the power cord into the touch screen.

6. Power on the touch screen.

If the touch screen does not power up as normal or is behaving unexpectedly, please contact our support team at

Image displaying touch screen components