Enabling Audio on Your Elo Touchscreen

All Elo touch screens from Engrain have their audio capability disabled by default. To enable audio for playing videos or other content with sound on your screen, please follow the steps outlined below: 

  1. Access your On Screen Display (OSD) Menu

– Some screens may have a small remote magnetized onto the back side of the screen along the bottom. Select the “Menu” button from the remote.

– If you cannot find the remote, feel for two buttons in the bottom, right corner of your screen, on the back side. The higher of these two buttons is your menu button, press it.

  1. Navigate to “Audio Settings”

Elo Touchscreen Settings

Elo Touchscreen Settings

  1. Within the “Audio Select” section, select “ECM Line-In”
  2. Confirm “Mute” is set to “Disabled”
  3. Update the Volume option to 100